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🌟 Mango Madness: Behind the Scenes w/ Fil-Mango!

Welcome back, mango lovers! It's time for an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into how we bring you the juiciest, sweetest mangoes straight from the orchard to your table. Buckle up, because the journey from farm to fork is nothing short of extraordinary!

🌳 Scouting for Gold:

Ever wondered where our delectable mangoes come from? Well, hold onto your hats because we're about to spill the beans! Here at Fil-Mango, we don't just pick any mango off the supermarket shelves. Oh no, we take the road less traveled straight to our local farmers. Picture this: our team hits the ground running, personally inspecting every registered farm with mangoes ripening on the branch. It's a mango safari, if you will, with one mission in mind - to hunt down the cream of the crop!

This video was taken in Villasis, Pangasinan - 03 April 2024

📏 The Goldilocks Criteria:

Now, what sets our mangoes apart from the rest? It's all about the Goldilocks criteria, my friends. Our mangoes aren't just ripe; they're perfectly ripe. We're talking a minimum of 110 days on the tree, ensuring each fruit is bursting with flavor. But wait, there's more! Size matters too, with our mangoes tipping the scales at a hefty 250 grams minimum. And let's not forget about that skin - smooth, and oh-so-tempting. But here's the kicker: we don't stop there. Oh no, we put our mangoes to the ultimate taste test with the brix test, measuring their sweetness potential when they reach peak ripeness. Because when it comes to sweetness, we don't mess around!

🌿 The Organic Oasis:

But hold onto your mango-loving hearts, because there's more to our story. We're not just in it for the fruit; we're in it for the farms. That's right, folks - we're all about that organic goodness! We roll up our sleeves and dive deep into the farming practices, giving preference to those who embrace organic methods. From soil to stem, we want our mangoes to thrive in the healthiest, most sustainable environment possible. And let's not forget about farm maintenance - because a happy farm means even happier mangoes!

🌟 The Fil-Mango Verdict:

So, what's the scoop on our latest mango expedition? We've scoured three out of the five farms on our list, meticulously assessing each one against our Goldilocks criteria. And let me tell you, folks, the competition is fierce! But fear not, mango aficionados, because we're on a mission to bring you nothing but the best. Stay tuned as we narrow down our selection and handpick the crème de la crème of mangoes, just for you!

And there you have it, folks - the juicy secrets behind our mango magic. From farm to fork, we're dedicated to bringing you the sweetest, most succulent mangoes this side of paradise. So, until next time, keep dreaming of mangoes and stay tuned for more tantalizing tales from the orchard!

Cheers to mango madness, The Fil-Mango* Team 🥭✨ *Fil-Mango is a subsidiary of FastboxPh

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How to order the carabao mango. I live in Brisbane and am using it to make mango cake.

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