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A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Mango Enthusiasts

Dear Mango Lovers,

We are delighted and deeply grateful for your unwavering support in bringing the sweetest Philippine mangoes to your tables. Your enthusiasm and appreciation make our efforts worthwhile, and it is truly a joy to know that our mangoes have brought a bit of sunshine and sweetness into your homes.

As the mango season in Luzon draws to a close, we wanted to extend our sincerest thanks to each one of you who purchased and enjoyed our mangoes. The unexpected heavy rains this season have made it challenging to ensure another shipment, but rest assured, we are already looking ahead to the next season in March 2025. Our goal is to reach even more communities and perhaps introduce our beloved Philippine mangoes to Australia, allowing Australians to experience the pride and joy of our nation.

The Journey of Bringing Fresh Mangoes to You

To help everyone understand the process, bringing fresh produce like our mangoes involves meticulous planning and rigorous scrutiny. It all starts with selecting a duly registered farm, a process that begins seven months before we actually ship the mangoes. Identifying the right farm is just the beginning. We closely monitor rainfall and dry spells, as these factors significantly impact the quality of the mangoes.

Despite plentiful harvests in some seasons, we can't just pick any mango. We ensure that proper methods are used in pesticides and fertilizations. Out of a large harvest, usually only about one-third of the mangoes are suitable for export—referred to as Grade A mangoes. This is a tedious process, and many dedicated individuals work tirelessly to make it happen.

Challenges and Costs

While mangoes are available in other regions like Davao in Mindanao, the additional costs involved in air freighting them from Davao to Manila, sorting, processing, packaging, and shipping them to Australia can be prohibitive. Furthermore, once the mangoes reach Australia, we face high costs charged by airport terminals, inspection facilities, and the transport and storage of the mangoes. All these factors add up, making the margins for importers and distributors very minimal.

Addressing Concerns and Embracing Positivity

It pains us to hear that some of our fellow countrymen, instead of supporting our very own product, are critical about the pricing. We understand the cost of living pressures and strive to keep prices as low as possible, yet some still fail to understand the complexities and costs involved. The negative comments on pricing have sometimes crossed into trolling. However, we do appreciate and accept positive criticisms, understanding that this product is a gift from nature, and therefore, the results can vary. Each mango is unique.

On a positive note, we have received numerous praises for the sweetness of the last batch. Many who tried our mangoes for the first time were amazed at how delicious they were.

Looking Forward to 2025

Our sincere wish is for Filipinos to share this delightful fruit with those who have never tried our mangoes. If you enjoy them, please tell your local distributor so they can place even larger orders for the next season. The key to bringing costs down is to get as many mangoes into Australia at one given time.

Remember, the next season is March to May 2025. Think about your Aussie friends who have never tasted these mangoes. Share one with them, and believe us, they will order a kilogram or two for sure. By buying and sharing the mangoes, we can ensure a successful and abundant season next year.

Thank you once again for your support and love for our Philippine mangoes. We look forward to bringing you more sweetness in the seasons to come.

Warmest regards,

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