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Sweet News: Mangoes Finally Released in Melbourne After Rigorous Scrutiny by IFIP

We have exciting news for all the mango lovers in Melbourne! After undergoing a thorough and rigorous inspection process by the International Food Inspection Panel (IFIP), we are thrilled to announce that the much-anticipated mangoes have finally been released and are ready to hit the market.

"ay mangga" - video taken at Talyer High Point receiving area, video submitted by

The Journey of Our Mangoes

Our journey to bring these delicious mangoes to Melbourne has been one of dedication, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to quality. The process began with sourcing the finest mangoes from the best orchards, ensuring that each fruit meets our high standards of taste and quality.

Rigorous Scrutiny by IFIP

Before these mangoes could reach your local stores, they had to pass a series of stringent tests conducted by the IFIP. This involved:

  1. Quality Assessment: Each batch of mangoes was meticulously examined to ensure they met the highest standards.

  2. Safety Testing: The mangoes underwent comprehensive testing for pesticide residues, contaminants, and other potential health hazards to ensure they are safe for consumption.

  3. Packaging and Handling: The inspection also covered the packaging and handling processes to guarantee that the mangoes are stored and transported in optimal conditions, preserving their freshness and flavor.

What This Means for You

The IFIP's approval is a testament to the exceptional quality of our mangoes. You can now enjoy these delicious fruits with the confidence that they have been thoroughly vetted and are of the highest quality.

Adelaide, You're Next!

We haven't forgotten about our friends in Adelaide. We are pleased to announce that Adelaide will receive its shipment of these delectable mangoes early next week.

Thank You for Your Patience

We appreciate the patience and support of our customers during this process. Bringing these mangoes to Melbourne and soon to Adelaide has been a labor of love, and we are excited to share the fruits of our labor with you.

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