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Fresh Mangoes Ready for Shipment to Australia!

We are thrilled to announce that our fresh mangoes have been meticulously processed and packed, ready for tomorrow's shipment to Australia. As you read this, our dedicated team is working diligently to ensure that every mango meets our stringent quality standards, so you receive the best produce possible.

Our quality control team meticulously sorting and inspecting mangoes.

Team members packing the mangoes into boxes, ensuring each one meets our high standards.

In the pictures below, you can see our skilled staff in the quality control department. Each mango is carefully examined for ripeness, color, and overall quality. Our team is dedicated to sorting and packing each mango with the utmost care, ensuring that only the finest fruits make it into our shipment.

Meticulous Packing Process

Once the mangoes pass the quality check, they are meticulously packed into 5kg boxes. Each box is weighed and labeled according to the size of the mangoes:

Small: 24 mangoes per box

Medium: 20 mangoes per box

Large: 16 mangoes per box

Extra Large: 12 mangoes per box

Weighing and marking the sizing for each box to ensure accuracy.

Scheduled Arrival

Our mangoes bound for Sydney and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are scheduled to arrive on Monday morning. Those destined for Melbourne and Adelaide will be arriving on the 21st.

The final product, properly packed in 5kg boxes, ready for shipment.

We are committed to delivering the freshest and highest quality mangoes to our customers. We can't wait for you to enjoy the sweet, juicy taste of our mangoes, straight from our orchards to your home. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for choosing our mangoes!

For more updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses, subscribe as a member to our website.

Happy mango season!

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