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Philippine Carabao Mangoes NOW AVAILABLE!
in Australia

From our farms in the Philippines we are now able to bring this proud Filipino favourite to Australia


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Carabao mangoes, also known as Philippine mangoes or Manila mangoes, are a variety of mangoes that are highly regarded for their sweet and aromatic flavor. They are named after the carabao, a water buffalo found in the Philippines, due to their similarity in shape and size.

Carabao mangoes are known for their vibrant golden-yellow skin and tender, juicy flesh. They have a rich, sweet flavor with notes of citrus and tropical fruit, making them popular both domestically and internationally. The mangoes are often enjoyed fresh as a dessert or used in various culinary preparations such as smoothies, salads, salsas, jams, and desserts.

The Philippines is one of the largest producers of mangoes globally, with the carabao mango being its most famous export variety. The country's tropical climate and fertile soil provide ideal conditions for growing high-quality mangoes. The peak season for carabao mangoes in the Philippines typically runs from March to June.

Carabao mangoes have gained a reputation for their exceptional taste and quality, and they are often sought after by mango enthusiasts around the world. The mangoes are known for their sweet flesh, minimal fiber content, and distinct tropical flavor, making them a prized fruit variety.


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